Here’s What our Customers and Cleaners are Saying

During the many years of operating Selclene, we have met many different people, both customers and workers alike.

SelClene not only provides clients with a domestic cleaning service, but, we also enable workers to find part-time work.

Unlike most cleaning services, we at SelClene, pride ourselves in the close relationship we have established with the workers, some of who have been registered with us for many, many years. We feel the workers form a huge part of SelClene.

We have asked ourselves what it is that customers are looking for when trying to find a cleaner and it does seem pretty obvious – honesty, reliability and hard working.

Therefore, we wanted you to meet some of our team and hear what they have to say about their experiences working with SelClene and their clients.

Our cleaner has been very helpful and would recommend her to anyone.  Thank you for all your help.

Olwyn, SA2

I wish to thank you for the years of service you have provided to me and the pleasure I have had from a clean home whilst working……

Jo, Swansea

I highly recommend your services and have been delighted with the service provided.

Victoria, Swansea

Thank you very much for your service….

Mr Jones, SA4.

After early retirement in 1998 from my job as a caterer, I was left with a lot of spare time on my hands. Realising I was missing work, I applied to SelClene for part time work. Ten years on, I am still working with them on a part-time basis. I use my skills to help others who find housework difficult. This makes my clients happy as most of them are elderly, at the same time it keeps me happy.  I do suggest that if you enjoy housework with rewards, I highly recommend registering with SelClene. It gives me a break from the usual routine in my own home and my husband enjoys the respite when I am working – so, all in all, everyone is a winner.

Thanks to SelClene – keep up the good work!

Formula for success: “Rise early, work hard, strike oil.” Quote from J Paul Getty, US Industrialist.

Mala- One of our Cleaners

Thank you for your excellent support and in particular the quality of the service provided………

Amanda, SA9

Just for the record, your cleaners were absolutely excellent and I can highly recommend you, so thanks very much indeed for your outstanding service.

Mr Hughes, Swansea