The SelClene Promise

Read about the SelClene Service Standard and Cleaning Promise

The SelClene Promise

How we select our cleaners for you

Cleaner adverts are placed in selected local papers. Telephone screening ensures cleaners meet our criteria and have a good understanding of the English language.

At the SelClene interview. Cleaners are asked to bring passport/birth certificate for proof of identity – a recent public utility bill for poof of address and references are requested from any previous cleaning work.

Also at the SelClene interview we check that the address and IDs are valid ensuring honesty. We know who they are and we can check where they live. We check that references are valid and that they are competent and experienced.

Cleaner interview – We will interview the cleaners by inviting only those keen and ready to work to our office, ensuring that we have those who really want to work and are 100% committed.


The cleaner undertakes a written cleaning test. The cleaner’s watches two training films.  The understanding of cleaning and cleaner training booklet shows them what we expect from them when cleaning our clients’ homes. The films concentrate on honesty, reliability and competence.

The Placement

We select one cleaner for you and give them 24 hours We attempt to match cleaner ability to to call you and confirm your allocated cleaner in writing your requirements enclosing their references.


Task sheets –  The cleaner knows what you want done – Workers Earnings Receipt Forms Allows you to check the cleaner is doing the correct hours and monitor their income. They also enable you to ensure you only pay the Agency Fee for the number of hours worked. There is a Key Security Deposit Form Ensuring safe and prompt return of keys.


When your cleaner leaves we can arrange a regular long-term replacement within 7 days. We may be able to arrange emergency cleaning within 48 hours as a one off.