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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions about hiring a cleaner? Hopefully, the answers below will help you but if you still have a questions please give us a ring or send a message from the Contact page.

How does Selclene work and what do I do if the cleaner does not show?
We select a cleaner for you from our database of cleaners whom you then employ direct.

Your membership fee covers the recruitment, interviewing, selection and appointment of cleaners and gives you access to a replacement cleaner upon demand.

You’ve probably employed domestic staff before and may have found that sometimes a cleaner does not turn up or that the relationship between you and the cleaner does not work out. With our agency, you simply call us and we can send you another cleaner within days.

How soon can I have a cleaner start?
If you wish to take on a cleaner, call us at the office and we’ll register you with the agency. We would run your requirements against our comprehensive database which would bring up a list of suitable cleaners. We are then able to allocate a cleaner for when you require, often for the next day.
What happens if cleans are missed?
If you miss any cleaning, say due to changeovers, or on account of the cleaner being ill, you can claim a No Charge Period for time missed. We provide you with Worker Earnings Receipts to log hours worked and money paid to your cleaner. If there are gaps, send us the receipts and we will adjust your account to reflect any time missed. Plus we can allocate you a cover cleaner if you require whilst your cleaner is away.
Is there insurance cover for damage done by the cleaner?
Yes, There is cover for major damage over the value of £100 (e.g. damage to a carpet or a valuable ornament).You are responsible for the first £100 of any claim.
Bleach spills are not covered and you should discourage your cleaner from using bleach, especially in carpeted areas. There is no cover for any work the cleaner may do outside the home only for cleaning and ironing work IN your home.
What do I do if I want to terminate?
Your contract continues up to the end of each quarterly payment period – so the minimum term is one quarter. If you wish to cancel your contract with us you can do so at any time but you must do so in writing, giving us one months notice, to take effect at the end of a quarterly payment period. You must cancel your mandate direct with your own bank at the same time.