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Domestic Cleaners from a top Domestic Cleaning Agency

House Cleaners from a top Domestic Cleaning Agency

Getting a domestic cleaner can often be a major task for some people. Where to find a domestic cleaner? What to ask? How to check references?  Using a domestic cleaning agency like SelClene allows us to do the sourcing of a domestic cleaner for you and then to do initial interviews and checks so your cleaner in will provide you with a regular weekly (or fortnightly cleaning service).

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Domestic House Cleaners

All the domestic house cleaners applicants within our agency, will be interviewed in their own home to ensure that they are trustworthy cleaners who are honest and reliable in all the cleaning jobs they do.

This will also help to give all users of this domestic cleaner, peace of mind and reassurance when letting a cleaner enter their home for the first time.

The domestic cleaners interviewed by us will also be asked to provide a references from previous domestic cleaning agencies or clients whose homes they have cleaned. This ensures their reliability so that clients will be comfortable to let them into their homes to take part in domestic cleaning duties.

The domestic cleaners we list will be more than happy to take part in domestic cleans in your property on a weekly basis but can come fortnightly or twice weekly or on special request for home owners who require more or less frequent domestic cleaning services.